Additional Features of This Window System

  • Possibly the best fire escape option as the entire window can open inwards, unlike any other sash window system.
  • To maintain a traditional appearance from the outside, this window has the same dimensions and appearance of a traditional box sash and is fitted the same way into a buildings reveal. However, inside the box style frame is a spring sash window, hung like a casement on Parliament hinges to allow it to open like a casement inwards in an emergency, but for day to day use it can be opened sliding up and down like a normal sash window.
  • Another advantage of this type of window is the ease of maintenance – since it can open in, the outside glass panes can be easily cleaned.  (Note: the opening in feature is only designed for occasional or emergency use)
  • U-value = 1.3 W/m2K (Measured on Redwood items)

* Tilting top&bottom, and uneven split variants available.

White or RAL factory painted and glazed products are guaranteed for 10 years against timber rot and structural integrity. Factory stained & glazed products are guaranteed for 6 years against timber rot and structural integrity.