Packaging & Delivery

Packaging in Transit to You.

Our products are packaged with a wooden board attached to all sides to ensure the journey to you doesn’t cause any damages or delays to you. Further to that, we use a soft white board or blue sponge to protect handles and/or corners; and then we wrap it all in a plastic foil to ensure they arrive safely, unmarked and in pristine condition, just as they left Quality Control at the factory.

All packages are clearly referenced so you know what’s for what and for who upon delivery if some items are very heavy, then components are separated for easy handling.

Extras Sent to Help After Installation

We also send you some ”touch up paint” for each job we deliver just in case the fitting process requires any scratches touching up after completion. We always advise our customers to leave the touch up paint with their customers should they need it at a later date for any minor scratches they may incur.

We will also send instructions on how to adjust our door hinges so simple adjustments like this can be done by the customer quickly and easily, preventing the need for any Service Calls and further costs from Installers.

Check on Delivery

For your best interests, it is highly recommended that you carefully check our products immediately upon delivery to ensure you are happy with what we have made for you and to check the condition it has arrived to you in, before fitters and builders and others start handling our products.

Of course we can not accept cosmetic complaints after someone else has taken ownership of our products so any issues must be taken up when our drivers are still with you, so we can take it back and rectify anything we need to.

In the unlikely event anything is damaged on delivery, call us to explain and leave it on the truck and we will refund its value to you immediately and repair and redeliver it as soon as is possible.