Guaranteed Products

As our products are made from the best available materials and go through a strict Quality Control Process; and assuming they are fitted and maintained properly, we very rarely encounter any faults. Rest assured you are buying the best.

If well maintained you should get 10 times additional life span.

  • White or RAL factory painted and glazed products are guaranteed for 10 years against timber rot and structural integrity.
  • Factory stained & glazed products are guaranteed for 6 years against timber rot and structural integrity.

For further details of our guarantee, please see our Maintenance Guide & our Terms & Conditions.

Note: It is important that timber products are not treated the same way as PVC as they are very different.  We always advise you have qualified joiners who are experienced at fitting timber windows & doors as their skills are required when fitting your products.

Metal parts and furniture, eg. locks, keeps, handles, pulleys, hinges etc. are all guaranteed by the manufacturer for periods varying from 1 year to 10 years depending on the product. Please ask for further detailed information upon order if required.

Glass in the 24mm variety is guaranteed for 5 years.  14mm Glass is a Heritage Sash with Heritage Spacer bar and is guaranteed for 1 year.