Traditionally detailed with it’s slim frames and deep bottom rails, factory fully finished, weather-stripped and double glazed, our Timber Flush Casements will complement any project no matter the size or value.

Since most plans and building notices submitted after 1st October 2015 have to comply with Part Q Building regulations, we offer you our Part-Q Certified Timber window with advanced security and features that meet the requirements of PAS 24:2012.

Stormproof casement windows feature overlapping lipped openers on the outside (overlapping the external face of the frame) with a double gasket system, which makes it altogether more weather proof and more secure.


This is actually a stormproof casement window, but is ideal for those looking for an authentic Sash window design, but want to avoid higher expenses of traditional Sliding Sash Windows. This window is designed to recall feelings of authentic period buildings whilst providing standard casement functionality.

Whilst complementing classic architectural styles, this opening INSIDE casement window can be ideal where the opening out design doesn’t meet your needs.

Designed to provide an easy and effective opening system, with centrally pivoting hinges, allows cleaning from the inside. This window is especially useful in high-rise houses and buildings. Square pivot windows feature multi-point locking system, while circular or ellipse shaped windows can only have single point locking.

Contemporary windows which are very common in Europe.  The advantages of this system are the abilities to have an external insect screen and it can either fully open inside or slightly tilt inside. Because of the inward opening, its easier to clean and it’s also highly secure with multi point locking.