Step 1: Download these DETAIL Forms for your Surveyor to fill out, please select according to the product type and print off as many copies as you need.

Step 2: Please remember these DETAIL forms are not final, our understanding of your requirements will be entered into our systems and an “Order Confirmation” will be emailed back to you for your Surveyor to check every detail one more time.  This makes sure we have understood everything 100%.

Step 3: Once ALL specifications and dimensions have been checked on our “Order Confirmation”, please sign it off and return it to us via email.

Step 4: Once Step 3 and the required deposit has been paid according to our “ProForma Invoice” your project will go into Production and a delivery date will be advised soon after.


Timber Sash Windows (Vertical Sliders)

1. Timber Sash (Vertical Slider) Window DETAILS form.
Note: 1 style of window per page.
Click HERE to download… (103kb  )

Timber Casement Windows

2. Timber Casement Window DETAILS form.
Note: 2 styles of window per page.
Click HERE to download…(101kb )

Timber Doors

3. Timber Door DETAILS form. (Single and Double)
Note: 2 styles of doors per page.
Click HERE to download… (102kb )

4. Timber BiFolding Doors or Windows order form
Note: 1 style of bifold door per page.
Click HERE to download…(87kb )              Click HERE to download… BiFolding Opening Out information…(672KB )

Bay Windows

3 Sided Bays
click HERE (113kb ) to download.

5 Sided Bays
click HERE (118kb ) to download.

6 Sided Bays
click HERE (123kb ) to download.


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.