Timber Sash Window Inside

Our Timber Sash Window has been refined to match the traditional windows that were installed many years ago to uphold & maintain the traditional appearances but with modern benefits to security and energy efficiency that we all expect in this day and age.

We have changed as little as possible to maintain that traditional look but of course we have developed our own unique weatherproofing system to ensure that rattles and leaks are a thing of the past. We can also preserve your window much better now as we only use high tech water based paints and an impregnator to protect and preserve our timber to ensure it does not rot for a long time to come.


  • Solid Engineered Softwood or Hardwood Timber frames (155mm Slim Frames to match originals)
  • Traditional Weights & Pulleys or Spring Balanced or Spring Balanced with Tilt In feature – all options available from us
  • Factory spray paint finished in Satin White, any RAL colour, or your choice of stain
  • Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome or Brass Furniture
  • Weatherproofing gaskets to all sides so no wood sliding on wood
  • Our Glass is the best of the best – varies from SLIM 12mm to Std 24mm DG for optimal Energy Efficiency and Certification
  • Carefully packaged in whiteboard with cling film & delivered to your door
  • Exceeds all UK standards
  • Further Options for our Sash Windows:  Arched or swept tops/frames/georgian bars, 100% Oak for same price as Sapele or Merante, Georgian Bars at 22mm Stuck on (astragal) or 45mm with separate glass units, Child Locks, custom horn designs, custom architraves, architrave to wall fillers etc and almost anything you can draw, we can make!

DURABLE PARTS – ATW only use the best quality metal pulley wheels for strength, looks and durability, we do not use any plastic parts!  The pulleys wheels, D handles and lifting handles all come in the same choice of colours – Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome or Brass.  Our Nylon Chord is strong enough to tow a car so it is certainly strong enough to open your windows!

All options available – Traditional Pulleys and weights with Nylon Chord or a Spring Balanced system?

The system you choose will depend on the building the sash window is going into. If you have enough room in the reveal (behind brickwork on inside) for weights (80mm each side depending) then we would recommend Weights, Nylon Chord and Pulley wheel system.  If you do not have this space or perhaps your building is a little more modern, then perhaps a Spring Balanced system would be more suitable.  Our Spring Systems are from Caldwell Hardware (UK) Limited, Solutions that set new standards.

Our Weights come in a round, cylindrical shape which allows as much tolerance as possible when fitting, especially bay windows.  The diameter is approx 46 to 50mm and they are tied from the top, to reduce any scratching (noises) on the inside of the boxes when the windows are being opened or closed.
Our Nylon Chord is the strongest chord available on the market. It is either 6mm or 8mm in diameter depending on the sash size and weight.

More pictures are available in our GALLERY page…