Timber Doors

We manufacture all types of bespoke wooden doors such as…

– Single Doors

– Double Doors (French)

– Sliding Doors

– Bi-Folding Doors

…for all types of applications be it Domestic or Commercial.

As with everything we make, our doors all comply to or exceed UK standards and are all certified.

All items we make are fully factory assembled, tested and adjusted before it leaves our factory, this ensures our product is perfect when it arrives to you and avoids any delays on site.  The installers must be as qualified and as experienced as us to ensure the fitting process also portrays our products qualities and perfect functionality.

Single and Double Doors

As with our casement windows, our Single and Double doors can be made in a 92mm Flush or in a 66mm Storm Proof style to match the corresponding window products.  We use high quality adjustable hinges for ease of maintenance though out the life of your door, allowing easy seasonal adjustments by the owner, should this be needed.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are most often used for balconies and can be made to your required dimensions and opening configuration.  The obvious advantage of a sliding door is that it saves a little space as you do not need to open the door into or outside any room so if you are a little short on space, this might be the choice for you.


BiFolding Doors

Our BiFolding Doors really are the ultimate of all Doors. Creating that openess in almost any house, flat or balcony really can add at least triple its price onto the value of any property and we believe it’s one of the best investments you can make in your home.

ATW BiFolds have the option to open inwards or outwards, we offer many different threshold options depending on the doors purpose, we offer the best in security, sheer style, elegance, reliability and simplicity.  Our furniture is fully adjustable and fully weather tested and weather rated for severe conditions.

Affordable Timber Windows really gives you the ultimate result.  Our furniture system and our beautifully crafted Solid Oak frames really do speak a language of sheer beauty and elegance. A feature for sure in any home.


More pictures are available in our GALLERY page…