Glass is the big factor in energy savings these days.

GLAZING UNLISTED BUILDINGS: Our glass surpasses all UK requirements and standards. The most optimal, energy efficient & cost effective Double Glazing is 24mm over all, this is made up with 4mm LowE Softcoat Inner pane – 16mm argon gas filled air gap with Warm Edge Spacers – and 4mm Float glass to Outer pane, this will give the glass unit a uvalue rating of 1.0 to 1.1 wm2k. This system is what we offer as standard to all products and is made by “Guardian Glass” and is called “Climaguard Premium”. Our safety glass comes stamped with the relevant stamped information, EN 12600. The Warm Edge Spacer system we use is either SuperSpacer or SwissSpacer. These Warm Edge Spacer systems come in two options of colour, Black or White. We recommend Black as it looks neater and cleaner on all frames, even if they are white, it looks more transparent than the white bars which show many lines and details you do not want to see.

Click Here to Download Guardian Climaguard Premium Specification Sheet PDF

The only thing better than this in Double Glazing would be the same system but filled with Krypton or Xenon gas, instead of Argon gas, but this would cost about 6 times more as the Krypton or Xenon gases are very very expensive and are not cost efficient.

Some manufacturers will use and offer you 20mm Double Glazing etc which does look slimmer, but, be aware that the energy efficiency deteriorates significantly if the glass unit is any slimmer than 24mm.

We can supply most glass for most jobs, if you need Clear, Toughened, Laminated, Stippolyte or Sandblasted glass then we can accommodate and fully fit and finish that for you. Should you require something a little more specialised and customised glass such as stained, decorated leads etc, we will send the glass sizes to you before our delivery arrives so you can have the glass prepared and ready for our arrival, this eliminates any delays to your customer and installation.

LISTED BUILDINGS: If your project is a Listed Building, for which you do not have to comply with Standard UK Building Regulations (Doc L, 2010), there are more traditional options available to you. They are much MORE expensive and they are far LESS energy efficient than our standard glass detailed above. Sometimes you will have to maintain the original looks as best as is possible, regardless of building regulations, and that means fitting some very SLIM glass to make the glass as close to the old single glazed configuration as possible.

Our SLIM system would be made with slimmer glazing bars so the frames are more traditional as well, the glass itself could be as slim as 12mm over all and made up with 4mm LowE Inner pane – 4mm air gap filled with Xenon or Krypton and Warm Edge Spacers – 4mm Float glass to Outer pane. Our technical drawings are available upon project request.


For where you want something a little different, we also offer a range of patterned glass which not also gives you a beautiful focus point for your house, but can also offer several levels of privacy if you choose one of the obscured styles of glass. Please click on the photos to view our patterned glass options.