FACT: Softwood is approximately 30% more energy efficient than Hardwood                                                              sources:

FACT: Softwood is nearly 25% more energy efficient than PVC

FACT: Softwood is more than 1000% more energy efficient than Aluminium

Source “Thermal Conductivities of materials”

Click Here to download PDF  –  Thermal conductivities of materials EN ISO

All timber we use is recommended for Exterior Joinery by TRADA. We offer many types of timber depending on your needs, preference and budget. It is always a difficult job to work the timber to perfect expectations that we all have as it is not a man made nor consistent material, unlike metal and PVC which are much easier to work with as they are much more consistent in nature.

Controlled Processes for best results: To minimise all possible problems customers can have with wooden windows and doors, it is important that we only use high grade timber with no knots, we have to make sure the timber is well settled after it comes from the kiln drying process to rid it of all anomalies and its Moisture Content must be around 12% to 16% MC to avoid swelling and shrinking. Many manufacturers ignore these important details and the results are obvious – elements will bend and bowe, paint will crack and fall off around the knots where fillers are used to fill holes which will expose further problems, openers get stuck and doors don’t open and close etc etc. Rest assured we have already eliminated these potential issues because we do not use any second grade materials. We do the best we can but remember, timber is not perfect but that’s the beauty of it!

Moisture Content (MC): The ideal Moisture Content of wood used for manufacturing Exterior Joinery for the UK climate is around 12% to 16% MC. This ideal is supported by the BWF (British Woodworking Federation) and the BSI standards. To ensure our success in providing our customers with a good quality durable product, we must carefully select each piece of timber and check the MC of each piece to ensure consistency in the timber that will be used together, and that is also most similar to its environment it will be moving into. Otherwise, if the MC varies too much from piece to piece, the timber will not glue well and it will very likely become an unstable joint if one piece is considerably different to the next.


SOFTWOOD OPTIONS:  Euro Redwood (Pine – Pinus Sylvestris) or European Whitewood /Fir (Pine Abies Alba).  All Softwood doors will automatically come with Hardwood cills, usually Sapele or Meranti.

Douglas Fir (Pine) is no longer available to ATW.

HARDWOOD OPTIONS: If your windows are painted in a RAL or White finish, we offer Sapele or Meranti (Dark Red) frames and cills. If you are having a Clear Stained finish and would like something extra special, we can offer you  European Oak  at the same price as these other hardwoods. 


Various different products require different joints so we have added some pictures as below to show you what joints we do on our frames and openers and also to show you our quality timber that you often will not see once we paint your products.